The prep work for #2 is underway

Bebe #2 is just around the corner now that I have hit the 36 week mark. Of course we know babies can turn up whenever they like but most of those will make their appearance between 37 and 42 weeks. There are still a lot of people who misunderstand what early and overdue mean - if your wee one is born between this 5 week span they're considered right on time!

I worked bloody hard with Max to establish breastfeeding and it was quite the journey. It took us 8 weeks to get into a proper groove and we breastfed until Max was 16 months old when he self weaned. My guess is that as I was pregnant and approaching the second trimester my milk would have changed and Max wasn't too impressed!

One of the things that helped me get through establishing breastfeeding was a good set up to feed in. Max was born in May so the fire was often roaring and I would settle into one of our armchairs in front of it. I had a feeding box set up next to me with everything I needed and it was a life saver! I shared this on instagram stories recently and had some requests for more detail. This is the perfect thing to pull together for a parent with a new babe - breast or bottle feeding because babies can be slow feeders and often you're sitting with them for lengthy periods of time!

So...what's in the box! These are my feeding essentials, things that helped me with my feeding journey and were always within reach.

- Haakaa pump + stopper. We all know how good this pump is - especially to catch the letdown so nothing is wasted. I found it invaluable to have the stopper too...Countless times it saved spilt milk. 

- Breastpads. I used reusable breastpads and would just pop them in the wash. They dry fast and don't irritate skin or contribute to filling the landfill. You can buy a pair like these from Max and Millie here. 

- Hydrogel breastpads - these will save you! Breastfeeding can be painful as you find a good latch and get into a groove, pop these beauties on and you'll heal fast.

- Old school white flat nappies - these are perfect for everything: spills, blankets, wraps and more

- Arnica tablets to help with the bruising and healing after labour.

- Weleda nipple cream. Using this in the lead up to labour (from about 34 weeks) and after each feed worked wonders for me.

- Drink bottle. Feeding is thirsty work and I found drinking lots of water really helpful for establishing a good supply. This personalised drink bottle is from Sweet Petite.

- Chapstick, book, lollies and snacks.

- Power bank for recharging your phone, because lets be honest...Most of our feeding time we spend scrolling!

I keep all of this in a flax box (with a lid) that sits next to the chair I do most of the feeding it. It wash such a lifesaver to have all of these things at my fingertips, especially when I was by myself. I'll most likely add a couple of small things to distract Max with if necessary (a book and small toy) and of course the snakcs get topped up regularly! 

Did you have a feeding box or similar? Anything else you'd add to this list?

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