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On Thursday 18 May 2017, I woke up to the tiniest amount of blood, almost unnoticeable but thought I should check in with my midwife as I was now 37 weeks exactly. I called Nicky on my way to work (around 8.30am) and she seemed very relaxed, told me to check in with her in a couple of hours and that if there was still blood later we could go to the hospital for a quick check (something I was not keen on). I headed into work where we were interviewing CEO candidates. I got through the first one ok but started to feel a bit uncomfortable. No pain but I couldn’t sit still. I called Nicky in the break at 10.30am and let her know there was no more blood, a little bit of pinkish liquid and I couldn’t sit still but was fine. She told me I was most likely in labour and asked what I wanted to do! I said I would go back to my meeting and let her know when I was done and heading home. I called Liam and let him know as he was due to leave for Wellington in a couple of hours. I finished the meeting around 1.30pm, spent most of it standing and swaying as it seemed comfortable and then drove myself home.

Liam met me at home, he had gone to burger king and the dairy to buy lollies as we thought we would be settling in for a day or so in labour. We tidied the house, set up the birthing pool which we had picked up the day before, lit the fire and candles, dimmed the lights/closed the curtains, ate lollies and made the babies bassinet up.

I started to get periods of discomfort so would bounce on the swiss ball and then go back to what I was doing. After about an hour I decided to jump in the shower as it was a bit crampy. After awhile I got out and Liam started baking muffins. I was on the ball and breathing lots and everything was fine. We had been home for about 2.5 hours at this stage and then things started ramping up. I called Liam (who was baking) and had him come down to the floor with me as I had some strong discomfort (this would have been a contraction). Nicky called at this point and tried to talk to me, I told her to hold on a sec and kept breathing. She realised something was up and told us she was coming over (we live 15 mins out of town). I then had 2 strong waves of tense pain on top of each other and decided to get in the pool.

I was in the pool and all discomfort had gone, after about 20 minutes I felt a pop and realised my waters had broken. I told Liam to call Nicky and as he was phoning her she pulled up. She came in and had a chat to Liam before coming over to me. At this point I felt a lot of pressure and could feel some stretching, Nicky put her hand on my back and realised the water was cold (well not warm enough for a baby) and told me I had to hop out! I climbed out and moved near the fire and focused on breathing. I was in a good position and feeling comfortable.

The backup midwife (Amanda) arrived at this point (5pm ish) and I was focusing on breathing still when they told me the head was out. I didn’t know what I was meant to do (great listening in antenatal) and so kept breathing. Nicky told me I could push if I wanted to so I gave 2 pushes and Max was born! We left him attached to the cord for about 45 minutes while we snuggled with him in front of the fire. I started to get mild contractions at this point as the placenta was getting ready to birth - this was more painful than labour! I gave a few pushes for the placenta and then Liam and Amanda went off to examine it while Nicky checked me over. I had to have a couple of stitches (again, worse than labour) and so we sorted that.

Amanda headed off home so Liam had some cuddles with Max while I had a quick shower. I had something to eat, we started on getting Max to latch (he was too sleepy when he was born to try) and then once he was sorted Nicky headed home.

We video called our parents holding Max but didn’t tell them he had been born, we waited for them to notice. They went nuts, my parents went and got a bottle of bubbles (it was 9.30pm) and started drinking to celebrate. After this Liam and Max had cuddles on the couch and I went to bed...All in a day's work!

The birth was amazing. I felt in control and relaxed the whole time. I had read Ina May Gaskins ‘Guide to Childbirth’ when I was pregnant and it put me in such a good headspace. It helped Liam had read it too so we were pretty relaxed, knew childbirth was not a medical thing but rather something normal that the body did and so were prepared for it.

We knew we would be doing a homebirth and it was honestly the best. We had the fire going, music playing, candles lit, eating lollies, cats walking around and it was perfect.

18th May 2017 at 5.21pm and weighing 2.88kg, Maxwell Power Huatoa Rutherford (Max Power) was born!

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  • Etana on

    Sounds a breeze! Did you always know you wanted to home birth, or not until you read that book?

    Ps I need to know if the muffins burnt or not 😂
  • Rakapa on

    Such an inspirational blog post Lesh. I
    Want to have another one now, and I want to read that book. ❤️❤️❤️

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