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There are lots of blog posts out there with “newborn essentials” and whilst I love most of what’s promoted I couldn’t ever tell a new mama that they NEED so many things.

Newborns are simple creatures to begin with. They need nourishment, love, warmth and care. This could come in the form of formula/breastmilk, skin-to-skin and snuggles, woollen goodies and regular attention to their needs. There are however, a ton of amazing products out there designed to make life a wee bit easier on new parents and so today I’m sharing with you some of my newborn favourites. 

Old school white nappy squares

These are one of my go-to gifts for new Mums. They don't need to be brand new, second hand ones are even more absorbent. These are perfect for burp cloths, cleaning up spills, covering the pram/capsule when bubs is sleeping, laying on the ground for baby and so much more. I had these all over the house when max was tiny so one was always in arms reach.

Baby shusher

Forget the constant 'shush shush shush' trying to get a newborn to sleep and grab yourself one of these! I think we used ours from day 2 right through until Max was about 6/7 months old. I took Max back to work with me when he was 12 weeks old and had this little gadget with us always. It's also amazing for car trips with an upset baby or when you're out and about and want bubs to sleep in the pram. Check out TradeMe or your local buy and sell page for second hand shushers or buy from the Sleep Store HERE

Haakaa breastpump

Okay, this one is more for mama than baby but I can't miss an opportunity to rave about this wonderful silicon contraption. I'm sure by now most people have heard of the magical Haakaa breastpump. I certainly did when I was doing some research around what I would need before baby arrived and so this was on my must haves. Many women experience a 'let down' when breastfeeding and so when you think about that potentially wasted liquid gold then Haakaa have the solution. I would pop this onto the other boob when feeding Max and collect the let down. When I was out and about and potentially missing a feed I would have this with me and loved it. It was so discrete and easy to use - you literally squeeze it and pop it on. When you're done you can chuck it in the dishwasher and then to sterilise just boil it in a pot of water quickly. Lots of options to purchase but I got mine direct from Haakaa HERE.

Lamington socks

I was given a pair of these socks at my baby shower and loved them so much we purchased several more pairs. They're perfect for newborns with chicken legs as they actually stay up! Max still wears these socks most nights to bed when it's cold and they're perfect during winter too. They have lots of gender neutral prints and come in adult sizes too! If you subscribe to the Lamington newsletter you hear first about specials. We purchased ours direct from Lamington HERE.

Stretchy wrap

These gorgeous wraps were all over social media when I was pregnant and being a fan of the gorgeous Noah and Bowie products I was hooked. They are super stretchy and so you get a really nice tight swaddle with your babe. They're a great size too so easily can be used as a blanket or pram cover. I purchased another wrap secondhand when I found out I was pregnant with bebe #2 as we loved our one so much that nothing compared when it was in the wash.


Merino clothing is definitely a priority for keeping wee babes warm and cosy. We love Little Flock of Horrors (LFOH), Lamington and Buck and Baa (usually their winter drop) for gorgeous quality pieces with lots of gender neutral options. We are fans of quality over quantity and always invest in a few key merino pieces for each winter. We keep an eye out for sales (sign up for those emails!) and often buy end of season, for the winter ahead.  

Dummy clip

I discovered Maci and Co. when Max was tiny. He had a dummy from the start and I was recommended their soother clips as a way to keep the dummy close. As Max got a wee bit older we also used the clips to keep toys in the pram and capsule. We were lucky enough to brand rep for Maci and Co. and so had the opportunity to try out all sorts of their other goodies including teethers, maracas, teething necklaces and more. 

Ultrasonic Vapouriser

The Ultrasonic Vapouriser is a lifesaver when your wee one gets their first cold. Another item I had heard about while I was pregnant, we purchased one of these before Max came along and it was a huge relief when he got his first cold to know we had something to help him while he was blocked up. Max is turning out to be a kid with some respiratory sensitivity (I'm guessing he will be an asthmatic) and so this is pulled out on a regular basis in our house. I love the fact it never heats up - vibrations create the steam and so its cold (no risk of a burn!). Now that Max is a bit older we use some Easy Air from The Oil Bunch in the vapouriser and I think we have the perfect combo. We purchased our vaporiser from Sleepytot (photo from Sleepytot).

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, these are NOT essentials but rather they're favourites! Many of these items we often give to friends as baby shower gifts as they can make life a wee bit easier (or cuter). What are your newborn favs?

This post is not sponsored or affiliated to any of these brands. These are all my own opinions and experiences with products that I love and want to share.

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